About ApiGear
Founded in 2020, ApiGear strives to provide the best digital workflow for API driven software projects. The platform is built on our combined, deep technical industry knowledge. This helps individuals, teams, companies - everyone - construct better software at a fast pace with constant high quality.
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Meet the team
Jürgen Ryannel
CEO & Co-founder
Why ApiGear?
Software programming has not changed much in the last 20 years since I started. We still type code into a window, we still rely on the wisdom of the talented, we still sit down for every new project and think how to start, we still try to figure out why integration is a mess, we still try to understand why productivity drops and the software gets overly complex. I believe we can do better.
Wolfgang Bremer
Why ApiGear?
Passionate about good software engineering principles and helping others getting better at it.