Craft better software faster
The platform for API driven development. ApiGear empowers individuals and teams to create, test, and ship better high-quality software faster, from start to finish. The smart project blueprints, designed by our experts, allow you to start fast and scale your software solutions in days not weeks. Built-in simulation support and data analytics further enhance the development experience and your product's quality.
Rapidly create and ship solutions
Through software automation customers create high-quality solutions in a fraction of time. An API driven workflow allows teams to develop software modules independently and cut down the overall time to market significantly. For device software a API simulation will unlock the teams productivity by eliminating the hardware dependencies.
Reduce your software complexity
Rapidly accumulating software complexity is a root cause of radical dropping productivity. Our smart blueprints create high-quality solutions which keep the software complexity low and the teams productivity high. The API driven workflow allows teams to stay focused on unique aspects of software.
Built-in data analytics
The built-in data tracing allows capturing of detailed software behavior. During development data anlytics is used for validating software behavior and after deployment data analytics can be used to trace behavior of the product.
Workflow for software projects
ApiGear provides a digital workflow for API driven software creation. Customers design their software interfaces collaborative online in a team, view the document in the developer portal and download their SDKs for integration in their favourite programming language.