API Management For Devices
ApiGear provide a new and unique API driven digital workflow for devices. We enable companies to develop software driven products without friction by providing a workflow around machine readable APIs and enhanced device analytics.
Design Your API Online
API design is a team effort. Not only for developers. Describe your API and validate the design.
Instant API Simulation
Static and dynamic API simulations. No programming skills required. It just works. No installation required.
SDK As A Service
Generate different SDKs from one API description using our SDK generator service. Follow up on API changes.
About ApiGear
Workflow for Software Projects
ApiGear provides a digital workflow for API driven software contracts. Customers use us to accelerate their software products and remove frictions from contracting, development and testing, integration. Our SaaS platform can be used by individuals and small businesses to create immediate revenue but also licensed by larger software agencies and organisations to streamline their software development and API offerings.