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Topic: ApiGear Core

ApiGear Core

ApiGear provides a new and unique digital workflow for software integration. It is a fresh approach to software development that is focused on the idea of API driven workflow. It allows teams to develop software driven products without friction by providing an integrated workflow with enhanced monitoring and simulation capabilities.

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What is ApiGear?

ApiGear is a set of tools and services that allow teams to create a description of their software interfaces and generate a ready to use integration SDK. The SDK comes already pre-configured with support for monitoring, logging, and tracing and simulation of interface calls.

What is an API?

An API is a set of rules that define how software components communicate with each other. It is a contract between the software components. The API defines the data structure and the behavior of the software components. It is a description of the software interfaces.

What is an API Module?

An API module is a description of an API. It is a document that contains the API description. It is a description of the software interfaces. A set of modules define a software system. The modules are the building blocks of the system. API modules can be transformed into SDKs using the ApiGear Studio and the ApiGear CLI.

What is an API SDK?

An API SDK is a set of software components that reflect the API module content. It allows to focus on the API usage and less on the implementation details. The SDK is a ready to use integration component that can be used to integrate the software system with other systems.