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Topic: ApiGear Core


To use a remote object the object needs to be linked first using the object name. The LINK request will be answered with a INIT message to initially populate the local properties from the remote object and subscribe to property changes and signals. After the linking the local object is fully usable.

A link message is send by the client to link to a remote object.

--> [ LINK, "org.demos.Echo"]

A link message is answered with an init message with the initial properties, or an error message, in case of failure.

<-- [ INIT, 'org.demos.Echo', { message: "hello" } ]

To release the resources on the server side the object can also be unlinked, this will also unsubscribe from property changes and signals.

--> [ UNLINK, "org.demos.Echo"]

Sequence Diagram

To link a local object to a remote object we need to send a link message.