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Topic: ApiGear Core

Method Invokation

A remote invokation invokes asynchronously a method on a remote object and returns the result.

ApiGear Object Model

To model methods in ApiGear you define an interface with operations.

name: org.demos

- name: Echo
- name: say
- name: msg
type: string
type: string

The operations will be generated as methods of the object. This will look simplified like this.

// org.demos.js
class Echo {
async say(msg: string): string

const echo = new Echo()
$> hello

Protocol Flow

To invoke remote method an method name and the method arguments must be specified. The reply can only have on value, which can have any complexity.

The local object sends an INVOKE message to the remote object using a request id, the method name and method arguments.

--> [ INVOKE, 1, "org.demos.Echo/say", ["echo"]]

The remote object executes the method and returns the reply or an error message in case of failure.

<-- [ INVOKE_REPLY, 1, "echo"]

Sequence Diagram

After an object is linked remote methods can be called.